Century Optics 0.6x wide-angle adaptor for Pana DVX100
John Beale  Jan. 23 2004

The frames below are taken using the DVX100 both without (top frame) and with (bottom frame) the Century Optics 0.6x wide-angle adaptor lens mounted on the front. The camera was fixed in position on a tripod, and did not move position between the two shots. As you can see, some scenes make the barrel distortion at the edges more obvious than others. To give a sense of scale to the shot where I am standing against a wall, the camera is 15 feet from the wall, and I am 6 feet high.  The final frame was taken using the 0.6x adaptor with the sun in-frame to show the secondary reflections.  All outdoor frames were taken using the DVX factory presets in F6 position, which is 24p-adv.  The 0.6 lens shifts the focus of the camera considerably: without the lens infinity focus would be 93 units on the focus scale; but with the lens, infinity was at 30 units.

Indoor DVX 0.6 wide Creek 0.6 wide trees DVX 0.6 wide trees-2 DVX 0.6 wide wall DVX 0.6 wide sun DVX 0.6 wide

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