DVD Case Selection: Hubs

J. Beale, Dec. 2005

If you are shipping your DVDs through the mail, be careful to select a hub lock style that holds the DVD securely. The photo below shows two types of hub lock.  On the left, the "one catch" type is easy to engage, but unfortunately also easy to disengage just by bending or shaking the case. 

Hub Lock, Rima 6160
DVD hub with one catch - not secure
DVD hub with two catches (more secure)
DVD hub with two catches - more secure

In the mail, the disc may come off the hub just due to normal package handling, and the DVD will subsequently bounce around inside the case and the underside will be scratched by the hub, as the photo below indicates (this was a DVD in a case with the "one catch" hub, that was mailed from CA to NY, then back due to invalid mailing address).  

scratches on DVD surface due to shipping

This DVD actually played OK on my player, but it may not play on every player, and it certainly looks beat up. Unfortunately, vendors often do not specify the type of hub used on their DVD cases, or show a photo clear enough to determine it for yourself without buying a sample.  The 3-catch hubs used by Polyline DVD cases reputedly work well.

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