Wide Angle and Tele Adaptor Resolution Tests

Below are test images taken with the Kenko KNW05Hi WA converter and also images with the Sony .7 adapter and the Century 2X teleconverter. The images are all of a resolution test chart. For each of the three lenses there are two shots: a full wide (for the WA converters) or a full zoom (for the 2X teleconverter), and a "half-zoom" image. For comparison, there are also three shots using just the internal ("STD") lens with no converters.

As I recall the aperture was f3.4. These were collected as interlaced video and a single frame of that video was transferred from my Casablanca to the pc using a field-by-field transfer program to become an interpolated frame image in the pc.

The light was basically indirect skylight through the north-facing picture window of our "Arizona room" (in Tucson). They were done with auto white balance.

All of the collections were done with some haste to get generally quantitative measurements. I wouldn't consider them totally scientific for some of the factors... [color balance] For example, as I moved the vidcam-test target positions to account for the varying focal lengths, I was far from rigorous in assuring that all other test conditions were re-adjusted to be constant.

courtesy of Carroll Lam (cassie at dakotacom net)










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