A Comparison of TRV900, VX2000 and DSR500 cameras

by Bill Finch (alioth ix netcom com) 9/19/01

To a great extent you get what you pay for. I currently use a DSR500 WSL, a VX2000, and a TRV900. If you're trying to save money and you have good lighting get the TRV900. If you have situations where you need to shoot in available light, the VX2000 offers an advantage. If you have a real budget and your customers can afford to pay, get the DSR500.

I did a blind test where an associate shot similar footage with each camera and we then watched the raw footage on a 36 inch presentation monitor. I had no problem differentiating between cameras. Next we transferred the same footage to VHS and BetacamSP. With VHS and good lighting the TRV900 and the VX2000 looked similar. In poor lighting the VX2000 stood out. On BetacamSP the VX2000 was always better than the TRV900.

The DSR500 looked better no matter what we did. It just has better image processing circuits. To convince ourselves of this we shot footage with the DSR500 and simultaneously recorded it on the TRV900 through the video input. The tapes looked the same.

All this said, you can get a TRV900 and shoot great video. Possibly you should find a camera store where they will let you shoot some test footage with both cameras. Let your eyes and your purse be the judge.


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