Email from folks buying the TRV900

JPB 10/21/98-3/26/99

See also my Notes page, about using the camera.
[Nov. 28 2000] This file hasn't been updated recently. See also: Email Notes #4.

I purchased a TVR900 based on the information you supplied on your Web page. Let me first of all thank you for doing such a great job reviewing the camcorder. My own observations after using the camcorder extensively for a few weeks have supported everything you have catalogued in your FAQ section. RdC
I enjoyed your DCR-TRV900 FAQ so much, I bought one along with a Bravado DV2000 board. S.C.
<#1> [...] great page on the TRV900 - using and FAQ - Sony should put you on a commission [...] one of your other contributors suggested that the images via the floppy disc are compressed to the point of being of lesser quality than those gathered via firewire [...] The images you displayed as progressive scan I assume were via disc or PCMIA card-- is that right? [Yes, images on my page were via floppy disc] <#2> ...[the JPGs] are certainly good enough for me to be happy with - as soon as get off line I am contacting Video World to confirm my order... R.C. (S.Australia)
I just wanted to thank you for all the info you share about this camera. Almost all of your messages go into the '900' folder in my e-mail for future reference when I actually get the $2k+ and permission from the wife. TR
I just bought the Sony TRV900 yesterday. I own a video production company and I wanted to buy a digital camera for grab shots. I used it last night at a wedding reception. The picture looks pretty good. For 2100, it is a bargain. We use professional cameras, (JVC KY27C/docked with BRS422 SVHS or their new DV back, the BRD10). I will read the rest of your review. D
<1> thanks for the tour of the TRV900 - or rather it's all your fault !- I just bought a TRV9 last week and am now sick after seeing your images! - Easily with the extra 1000.00 - and now I'm trying to find a way to sell mine to get the 900 !!! R.K. <2> John! - it's me again, I was drooling over your pics on your website and said I had bought a TRV9 - well luckily I had only had it 2 weeks and the mail order dealer took it back in exchange for the TRV900 - it arrived today! I'm testing it out on my firewire port on my Compaq. Thanks for the page and the info! R.K.
Just wanted to say thanks for the great information on the TRV900. Your site is absolutely the most informative site I've seen re: any camcorder. I check back every few days and have noticed that you continue to update it. I've still got a bit of sticker shock, but otherwise the TRV900 seems like a great camera for me. My wife has sticker shock too- but I'm working on her! Hopefully, Sony will lower the price a bit after the holidays so I can justify the purchase. J.F.
Hi...have been reading your excellent TRV900 page-thanks for doing such a good job! I purchased one based partly on information I gleaned from your page... D.B.
I wanted to complement you on your Sony TRV900 FAQ, it is very accurate and full of good information. I bought one a few weeks ago, prior to reading your FAQ, and after doing some tests I came to almost exactly the same conclusions. S.A.
Thanks, for your page on the Sony DCR-TRV900. It inspired me to purchase the same model. JM.D. (France)
After reading your FAQ v0.2 on Sept. 12th, I was convinced that the TRV900 was the way to go, despite the smaller size of the PC1 and the better price of the TRV9. [...] Our TRV900 was shipped last Wed. from OneCall [...] R.R.
Excellent review/FAQ, John! Thanks very much for the time and energy you put into this. The pictures are exciting and your information is concise and informative. The first TRV900 to appear in Vancouver arrived just yesterday. I'm off to see it today! P.M. (Vancouver BC)
Congratulations on putting together an interesting and informative Website! Your comments and pictures helped me "justify" moving up to a 3 CCD camcorder and it helped me convince my wife that we should get the TRV900 and not the smaller PC1. DH.C.
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 19:24:25 EST Hi John, I own a video production company in Cleveland, Ohio. We use JVC Ky29D cameras docked with mini DV backs. I bought a TR900 to use as a grab camera. What a picture for a 2 grand camera. I just bought a 40meg Sandisk Flash card & adapter. For weddings, I can design the Bride's wedding cover using stills from the Tr900. I then use the program called Pagemaker 6.5. Print the cover on photo paper. What a great job it does! Thanks for the great input site. Dave E
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 15:01:32 -0700 I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the work you put into the TRV-900 section of your web page. I'm sure you've heard this before, but you've caused me to spend over $1000 more than I had planned on a new camcorder, by buying the 900. You've put together a great resource for 900 owners (and potential owners). Sony should really be thanking you. John F
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 06:04:44 -0800 John, I have to thank you for your TRV900 page; it is the single most important stop one needs for info on this camera (I've checked hundreds of links from more than 10 search engines). I have promised myself and my wife that we'll have the state-of-the art in camcorders when our first baby will come; that's supposed to happen in May, and I'm ready now. Yesterday night I finally ordered the toy from One Call, after comparing 16 stores. I've got the best price AND the most serious and courteous answers from them. I'll be back with details. In the meantime, I hope you don't mind that I gave them your name as the person who referred them to me. I had only your email for an address. They found John P. Beale from Fremont, CA in their computer. [yep- that's me... thanks! -john] Catalin M
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