Christmas in Ohio (Dec. 2000)

These images were taken using the Sony DCR-VX2000 MiniDV camcorder. They are progressive-scan stills, taken directly to "memory stick", and transferred to a PC using the USB memory stick reader that Sony bundles with the camera. The creche scene used +4 and +1 stacked close-up lenses (the kneeling figurine is only 1 inch high). The other photos used only the stock lens. A few of the pictures had brightness levels adjusted about 5%, but no color, sharpening, or other filters were applied. I recompressed the photos with Photoshop's "baseline optimized" JPEG format (Quality=8) to save about 30% web space and download time. The recompressed photos do not look (to me) any different from the originals.

Photos by John Beale, Dec. 2000.

mailbox.jpg house1.jpg barn.jpg
woods1.jpg glade.jpg laptop.jpg
grnbell.jpg cookie1.jpg creche.jpg
spikey.jpg breadboard.jpg bread.jpg

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